CMP - Equipment

Our industry matched equipment (300 mm)

• Applied Materials Refl exion LK polisher with Desica cleaner

• Flexible mobile slurry system (6 x 80l):

    - 4 tanks for Platen distribution 

     - 2 tanks for Cleaner feed

• Film thickness measurement tools:

    - Ellipsometer (KLA Tencor Spectra CD/FX 100)

    - 4-Point-Prober (KLA Tencor RS-100)

• Surface topography measurements

    - Profi ler (KLA Tencor HRP-340)

    - AFM (Veeco X3D-AFM)

    - Mobile confocal microscope (Nanofocus μsurf)

• X-Section and material analyses:

    - SEM, TEM, ToFSIMS, TXRF, XRR, XRD, etc.

• Defect control

    - Blanket: KLA Tencor SP2

    - Patterned wafer: NextIn AEGIS-I

    - Review: SEM Vision G3

• Wafer availability

    - Unpatterned for selevtivity and particle measurements: Si, Oxide, Cu, Ta/TaN, Co, etc.

    - Patterned for defectivity and electrical data: 28nm node CMP test chip & Custom designs via fl exible e-beam technology

• Simulation capabilities

    - Modeling on different scales, esp. feature and chip scale

    - In-house developed simulation programs and routines

    - FEM based commercial software COMSOL Multiphysics

• Electrical characterization

    - TEL Precio probe station (-55-200 °C, fully automated)

    - SÜSS PA300 probe station (semiautomated, flexible)




Cu Cu polish BEoL
Ta, TaN, Co Barrier polish BEoL
SiO2 , low-k, SiN Oxide polish FEoL / BEoL
SiO2 , SiN STI polish FEoL / BEoL


Cu Dual Damascene, Bumps, TSV BEoL
Cu coupons   Lab