All Silicon System Integration


300 mm Screening Fab Services

All Silicon System Integration Dresden

Wafer Thinning

  • Grinding and polishing of single and compound wafers
  • Stress relief etching, Chip-Side-Wall-Healing
  • TAIKO wafer processing


  • Mechanical Blade-Dicing, Laser-Grooving
  • Laser Stealth-Dicing, Wafer-Edge-Trimming; Circle-Cut


  • Die to Wafer /Interposer Assembly (Flip Chip soldering)
  • Wafer to Wafer temporary and permanent bonding
  • Thermo-compression, anodic Wafer Bonding, Hybrid Bonding

High-density and ultra fine Pitch Interconnect Formation

  • Galvanic deposition technology
  • Solder bumping: SnAg, In, InSn, AuSn, Sn
  • Pillar bumping: Cu, Au, Ni, porous nano-gold
  • Single-Chip-Bumping on Carrier wafers
  • Ultra-Fine-Pitch Bumping < 10µm

TSV Integration

  • Front- / Backside TSV
  • Cu-TSV liner, full-filled, FS Via-middle, BS Via –Last, Via -First